Cambridge University

Cambridge University

Cambridge University: Engineering Design Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT: Center for Innovation in Product Development
Using product modelling in product development

MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT: Sloan Center
Working with ebusiness


Other Research

Computational Logic and Algorithms Group (CLA)
(Verification, Configuration & Scheduling Group @ ITU)

International Center for Scientific Research
En portal for vidensgenererende organisationer.

SIG productmodels

Helsinki University of Technology
The Product Data Management Group (PDMG). A research group from Helsinki University of Technology(Finland), working with product modelling.


Frank Piller's Web Site on Mass Customization, Customer Integration & Open Innovation

Frank T. Piller

Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford University: Center for Design Research
Research in product development

Technical University of Denmark

DTU: Technical University of Denmark, MEK
The list shows articles in scientific journals - international and national, proceedings and monographs, and articles in professional magazines

Web Resources

CIMdata Inc.
Resources on PDM and PLM

Mass Customization News Blog
By Frank Piller

PDT Europe
...the international web portal for PDT, PDM and STEP resources.

The Object Management Group
Resources on Object Oriented Modeling and the Unified Modeling Language