Master Thesises

At the Center for Product Modeling, there are often companies that would like to have students help them with problems. These problems can be very relevant to solve in combination with a master thesis.

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(Some abstracts are only available in Danish)

Completed Master Thesises

Web-based configuration system
Kim Christian Thomsen and Christian Forde Matyjasik - 2013
In cooperation with: Emerson Process Management Damcos A/S
Developing performance measurements in an engineering company
Katarzyna Lech - 2013
In cooperation with: MAN Diesel & Turbo
Integration of modularization within quotation and order process
Sigdís Ágústdóttir and Thelma Hrund Kristjánsdóttir - 2013
In cooperation with: Marel
Analysis of a developing specification process concerning configuration and allocation
Fatih Öksüz and Morten Aas Nielsen - 2013
In cooperation with: MAN Diesel & Turbo
Optimization of the sales process for CTO-products and evaluation of the different configuration software developed
Anna Myrodia and Michail Chantzis - 2013
In cooperation with: Finja Prefab AB
Complexity Management hos COOP Danmark A/S
Christian Steimle Rasmussen and Johannes Juel Skibsted - 2013
In cooperation with: COOP Danmark A/S
Harmonization of product assortments at Rockwool
Batol Raysan Rashid and Christian Bjørn Flannigan - 2013
In cooperation with: Rockwool International A/S
Including product features in the development of engineering processes
Andrea Eiríksdóttir - 2012
In cooperation with: MAN Diesel & Turbo
Top-down konfigurering af byggerier hos NCC
Martin O'Brien Grønvold and Magnus Holo Olsen - 2012
In cooperation with: NCC Construction
Design of production for system products
Claus Kjærgaard - 2012
In cooperation with: NCC Shaft Business
Produktkonfigurering hos EL-BO
Manuel Ernesto Pascal Korell and Peter Meldgaard Christensen - 2012
In cooperation with: EL-BO Produktion A/S
Product configuration at A/S Cimbria
Tommy Roy Røsholt - 2011
In cooperation with: A/S Cimbria
Udvikling af systemprodukter hos NCC
Vlatko Kuzmanoski and Thomas Tjelum - 2011
In cooperation with: NCC Construction
Analysis of software customization management at Sony Ericsson
Fatemeh Rahimi Gooshlavandani and Johannes Sælsen Nielsen - 2011
In cooperation with: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication AB
Applying the IPPM methodology at part-level of abstraction - Specification process improvements in engineering design for complex customer-tailored products at MAN Diesel & Turbo
Pálmar Sigurjónsson and Yngvi Eriksson - 2011
In cooperation with: MAN Diesel & Turbo
Complexity Management at Rockwool
Dorthe Gottwald Finne and Helene Møller-Jensen - 2011
In cooperation with: Rockwool International A/S