Piroozfar and Piller

New book with our contribution

Monday 16 Sep 13
A new, interesting book about mass customization in building and construction has recently been published. It is edited by Poorang Piroozfar and Frank Piller. Researchers from DTU has also contributed with a chapter.

On the publishers website, the book is described as follows:

"Challenged by the recent economic crisis, the building and construction industry is currently seeking new orientation and strategies. Here mass customisation is uncovered as a key strategy in helping to meet this challenge. The term mass customisation denotes an offering that meets the demands of each individual customer, whilst still being produced with mass production efficiency. Today mass customisation is emerging from a pilot stage into a scalable and sustainable strategy…

The first dedicated publication of its kind, this book provides a forum for the concept within an applied and highly innovative context. The book includes contributions from some of the most prominent thinkers and practitioners in the field from across the world, including Kasper S. Vibaek, Steve Kendall, Martin Bechthold, Mitchell M. Tseng, and Masa Noguchi. Bringing together this panel of experts who have carried out research both in academia and practice, this book provides an overview of state-of-the-art practice related to the concept of customisation and personalisation within the built environment"

From the above mentioned website, you can read the first 30 pages of the book and purchase it, if you are interested.