The object of the Danish Association for Product Modelling is to disseminate the knowledge of new operational methods for product modeling. 
The object is to be attained by offering specialist technical assistance and by creating a forum for the exchange of technical experience of the tools and methods which lie behind the development and application of product models. An important part of the object is to create a forum where the participating companies get the opportunity to create a personal network for mutual inspiration and help.

The association will focus on the practical applications of product modeling techniques and also on the organisational consequences of applying the techniques in question.


The price of a membership is DKK 5,500 / € 750 (VAT excluded) a year for a company. The membership gives all employees of a company the right to participate in the meetings held by the association. 

Registration can be made by using our online registation form

Brief description
An interest group for companies by the name of the Association for Product Modelling was established in 1999 with the object to disseminate the knowledge of the new product modelling techniques and their application, e.g.

  • To improve the communication between a company, its customers and suppliers. 
  • To render visible an existing product program and its variations.
  • To function as a communication medium between the integration of e.g. sales, construction and production preparation.
  • To calculate the consequences of the planning made during the sales and construction phase.
  • To automate work routines in connection with the specification of a product.
  • To document the product.
  • To release resources for innovation and product development.

The association intends to carry out a number of different activities such as:

  • To hold meetings approximately every three months, including meetings at companies that apply product models.
  • To send out publications about product modelling.
  • To arrange workshops on selected subjects.
  • To offer courses in product modelling and techniques related to product modelling.
  • The association attaches great importance to the fact that the meetings are held with a high degree of specialist competence, and that at the same time they have a practical aim. Efforts will be made to hold part of the meetings in companies that work with, and have experience in, product modelling and tasks related to product modelling.


Lars Hvam
DTU Management
+45 45 25 44 35