The project target group is companies to which the day-to-day specification work is of decisive importance for their competitiveness, i.e. typically order producing companies with variant productions where the essential competitive parameters can be described as follows:

  • The demand for rapid and precise offers for customer-specific orders.
  • The ability to compete on customer adjustment and time of delivery.
  • A short lead time for preparing orders (fast order specification)
  • A rapid introduction of new products.
  • The ability to handle an increasing number of variants in a reliable way.
  • Faultless delivery compared to customer expectations.
  • The ability to comply with documentation requirements.
  • The ability to co-operate efficiently with external partners by using the most recent technology, including the faculty for quickly establishing new relations for co-operation purposes.

Characteristic of this type of companies is the fact that the competitiveness depends on a quick and efficient handling of customer-oriented product data and on an efficient conversion to the specific output. This requires an efficient specification system.

The target group includes a considerable number of Danish industrial companies. Besides order- or variant producing companies even specifically mass-producing companies may have areas that are characterised by a repeated use of the same engineering knowledge in the manufacturing process of new variants.

Seen from an overall viewpoint the application potential, and thereby the extent of potential services from consultants, is very big. In principle, all industrial companies will be potential users to a great or small extent.

In the project consortium a number of companies participate, which are typical for the target group, which have the necessary competencies and visions and which have identified considerable gains a priori without large-scale analysis. A much larger group of companies will be able to profit from the project, as the methods and procedures developed within the project are of such generic character that they will find a broad use.